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Below you will find several testimonials from actual PARIZONA Guitar owners.  Users encompass all levels from beginner to professional musicians.  Please feel free to read and share their comments.

        Daniel B. playing  "Georgia on my mind"

                                 on "Golden Boy"

"Golden Boy" guitar

review and video

"Let me start off by saying, I LOVE THE GUITAR! This thing will not stop! The resonance and clarity is unmatched. The bass response, is unbelievable. I can hardly recognize my playing because everything sounds amazing. The longer I play the guitar the better and better the guitar sounds. I’ve even caught myself stopping abruptly just to hear the sustain. Even basic chords sound incredible. I cannot thank you enough for sending me the guitar. I’ve been showing this guitar to everyone and they feel the same as me. The stunning beauty of the guitar with a sound to match! I’m in love………."

Daniel B. - Long Beach, CA

Professional Musician

"Trigger" guitar review and video

"Your build quality is phenomenal.   

First impressions: Crazy good note detail - chords ring very open and honest.  Unprecedented single note behavior - the notes stay alive all the way to the end of the decay cycle.. . . which i have never experienced on an acoustic before. . . .  I've played a couple pre 1950 Martins that kind of hint at this . . . but that's it.  

Vibe - this guitar absolutely embodies the southwestern desert vibe. . .  there is an ephemeral dryness in the tone that just screams sunset and saguaros.

Thank you for your talents and efforts . . . you are doing beautiful things with wood."

Jakael T.  -  North Bend, WA

Musician, guitar/music professional 

and audio technician. 

        Jakael T. playing original "Trigger Watching                                        Over Me" on "Trigger".'

Timothy M. playing Dreamwork's   "Fairy Tale/Shrek" theme on "Rogue"

"Rogue" guitar review and video

"Guitar arrived unscathed. It is a very beautiful work of playable art! ... WOW ... it really resonates. It is very lush and harmonic (like a natural reverb) with great sustain and projection.  With it's current sound I'm excited to hear what it can do as it matures..

Thank you for this new addition to my collection!"

Timothy M.  -  Fernandina Beach, FL

Musician, guitar/music enthusiast 

and guitar collector 

"Phoenix" guitar review, video and photo

Click on the John's photo to see John's Video

""I spent weeks trying to decide on a luthier to build a custom guitar for me, and I'm very glad I chose Parizona Guitars. Bruce is not only a talented luthier, but he also clearly prides himself on excellent customer service. He was willing to work with me to make sure the guitar I received was exactly what I wanted, even through several setbacks with shipping during the pandemic. The final product, "Phoenix," is an absolutely stunning guitar - certainly the most beautiful I've had the pleasure of playing. The guitar resonates wonderfully and has powerful volume. If you're looking for a quality, custom-built guitar and top-tier service without breaking the bank, then look no further."

John A.  -  Port Jefferson, NY

Musician and guitar enthusiast

"Rose" guitar review and photo

"Bruce, thanks again.  We had a huge jam session last night and Rose played beautifully.  I'm so happy.   Here she is in her new home."

Lauren J.  -  Ojai,  California

Guitarist and music enthusiast

"Ivy" guitar review and photos

"Ivy is the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen! This guitar ​was custom designed and created for me and working through all of the detail together was such a fun process. I've never been musically oriented, but once I scheduled guitar lessons and began learning how to play, I didn't want to put it down. My guitar teacher couldn't believe that this was a hand-made guitar from a shop right down the road and he was so impressed by how it sounded and played! It also helps ease my mind that Bruce stands by his workmanship and is able to help me out with my guitar if I need it in the future. Thank you so much for this work of art and I can't wait to keep learning how to make her sing!"

Erin P,  -  South Burlington, VT

Novice  guitar enthusiast

"Lil' Onyx" ukulele review and photos

"Lil’ Onyx is a beautiful ukulele, and she is even more beautiful than her portrait. She calls me from her case to come out and play, and I must obey! She rewards me with a sweeter voice for every hour we spend together. This is my first tenor ukulele, and I feel that I finally have the instrument that’s perfect for me.

Bruce is passionate about his craft. That is apparent when you see, then play, one of his instruments. Every time I take my ukulele out of the case, I honestly look upon it with reverence. I know he selected the right wood for the perfect sound and matched the grains all around the body because he showed me every detail with so much pride as he passed “his baby” into my hands.

I am so pleased with Lil’ Onyx. She is really beyond my expectations, and my expectations were high. There’s so much to love about this instrument and so much to appreciate about Bruce’s commitment to his customers’ complete satisfaction. Thank you, Bruce."

Daphne S. - Henderson, Nevada

Ukulele enthusiast and player

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