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"Lil' Onyx"   Mod. - SWUKEEbony   Ser.#073019002

PARIZONA Ebony Tenor Ukulele

Ebony / Yellow Cedar

This little gem is a tenor ukulele with a contrasting ebony body and a curly maple neck. The ebony body with a softer yellow cedar top produces a very warm vibrant sound with plenty of volume for a small body instrument.  This little beauty produces a very nice range of sound with an even blending of bass, treble and mid-range.  "Lil' Onyx" sports the more traditional PARIZONA Guitars headstock design and inlay. This ukulele was purchased on completion and was enthusiastically received by the buyer.  Enjoy!

Take a Look at PARIZONA Guitars  "Lil' Onyx" Ukulele

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"Lil' Onyx"


Top:   Yellow Cedar

Back / Sides:   African Ebony

Neck:   Curly Maple (peg and glue)

Bindings:   Black Pearloid

Fingerboard:   Ebony

Bridge:   Ebony

Saddle, Nut: Bone (unbleached)

Head plate: Ebony w/ curly maple inlays

Rosette: Ebony with white and black

Tuners: Silver Gotoh style with black ebony wood buttons

Finish: Hand applied, glossy shellac varnish finish.


Overall Length:  27"

Body Length:   12.25"

Width at Upper Bout:   6.5"

Width at Lower Bout:   9.0"

Width at Waist:   6.0"

Body Depth at Neck:   2.75"

Body Depth at Tail:   2.75"

Scale:    16.875"

Nut Width:   1.575"

Price: $550.00 


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