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"Shadow"   Mod. - SWOMDiagCk  Ser.#123118008


Torrified Spruce / Pao Ferro (Bolivian Rosewood)

I currently have available a unique PARIZONA Pao Ferro OM. The guitar has Pao Ferro back and sides, a Torrified Sitka spruce top, and features Ebony bindings with Blk/Wht purfling, and a Pao Ferro and Diagonal check rosette. This is a beautiful guitar with a wonderful deep and rich OM tone.

Take a Look at PARIZONA Guitars  "Shadow"

(Click on image to view full image or scroll images)

Click button below for audio clip "Greensleeves" played on "Shadow".  Note: This is simply a sample phone recording of "Shadow" and as such does not accurately represent the full range and beautiful sound of the guitar!



Top:   Torrified Spruce

Back / Sides:   Pao Ferro (Bolivian Rosewood)

Neck:   Sapele - 2 bolt mounting system

Neck Reinforcement:   Dual carbon fiber rods, with a two-way adjustable truss rod

Bindings:   Ebony with Blk/Wht diagonal check purfling

Fingerboard:   Ebony 

Bridge:   Ebony

Bridge pins:   Unbleached Bone 

Saddle, Nut:   Unbleached Bone

Head plate:   Ebony

Rosette:   Pao Ferro with diagonal check purfling

Tuners: Silver Gotoh with Ebony buttons

Finish: Hand applied, glossy shellac varnish finish.


Overall Length:

Body Length:   19.25"

Width at Upper Bout:   11.25"

Width at Lower Bout:   15.625"

Width at Waist:   9.5"

Body Depth at Neck:   3.5"

Body Depth at Tail:   4.125"

Scale:   25.4"

Nut Width:   1 3/4"

Current Price: $1,999.00


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