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"Midas"   Mod. - SWFidMaple   Ser.#103019001

PARIZONA Maple 4/4 Violin

Maple / Spruce

This is my first Violin and its golden amber color begged for the name "Midas".  It is crafted with curly maple sides and back and a spruce top.  The neck is also maple.  The violin sports several PARIZONA Guitars design options that make this a one of a kind and unique violin.  On completion I had the violin assessed by a master violin maker and he indicated it had a "bright and lively sound with very good projection".  He further indicated it was "fluid and played easily".  Aside from being a "beautiful" instrument it was deemed to be a "quality violin".  Combined with its golden color and golden sound this fiddle (violin) could very easily have been the one the devil laid at Johnny's feet in the song "The Devil went down to Georgia".  This is definitely a violin fit for royalty.

Take a Look at PARIZONA Guitars  "Midas"

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Top:   Sruce

Back / Sides:   Curly Maple

Neck:   Maple

Purfling:   Black/White

Fingerboard:   Ebony

Bridge:   Maple

Tuning Pegs: Ebony 

Finish: Hand applied, glossy shellac varnish finish.


Overall Length:  24"

Body Length:   14.5"

Width at Upper Bout:   6.5"

Width at Lower Bout:   8.25"

Width at Waist:   4.5"

Body Depth at Neck:  1.5"

Body Depth at Tail:   1.5"

Nut Width:   1.575"

Price: $1099.00 


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