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"Rogue"   Mod. - SW00Coco   Ser.#091520011

PARIZONA 12th Fret Double "O" (OO)

Cocobolo / Torrified Carpathian Spruce

A unique PARIZONA double "O" size guitar. This guitar was custom made for a customer who wanted Cocobolo and Carpathian Spruce.  The unique part was his request for a 12th Fret guitar.  This deviates from my normal 14th fret builds.  The deviation or "mutation" just begged for a name like "Rogue" who as all "X men" fans know could steal the powers of others.  This little beauty does just that..  Though smaller in size it steals the great sound quality and volume of larger guitars.  The Cocobolo back and sides provide the quality sound that rosewoods are noted for while the Carpathian  spruce top perfectly blends the sound for a rich, balanced tone.  

Take a Look at PARIZONA Guitars  "Rogue"

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Click button below for audio clip "sound mix" played on "Rogue".  Note:  This is simply a sample phone recording of "Rogue" and as such does not accurately represent the full range and beautiful sound of the guitar!

Owner (Timothy M.) of PARIZONA Guitars "Rogue" playing "Greensleeves"



Top: Torrified Carpathian Spruce

Back / Sides: Cocobolo

Neck: Honduran Mahogany - 2 bolt mounting system

Neck Reinforcement: Dual Epoxy Graphite rods, with a two-way adjustable truss rod

Bindings: Curly Maple with Black/White purfling

Fingerboard: Ebony

Bridge:  Ebony

Bridge pins: Bone with Ebony Dots

Saddle, Nut: Bone

Head plate: Ebony

Rosette: Cocobolo with Black/White purfling

Tuners: Nickle Taylor

Finish: Hand applied, glossy shellac varnish finish.


Overall Length:  36.75"

Body Length:   17.75"

Width at Upper Bout:   10.5"

Width at Lower Bout:   13.75"

Width at Waist:   8.5"

Body Depth at Neck:   3.5"

Body Depth at Tail:   4.0"

Scale:   24.9"

Nut Width:   1 3/4"

Current Price: $2,500.00


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