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Would you like a Custom PARIZONA Guitar?

While all PARIZONA Guitars are one of a kind I realize that everyone has their own preferences.  If you like the look of PARIZONA Guitars but have a concept you would like to explore please get in touch with me.  I would be glad to discuss your ideas and give you a cost estimate to bring your dream guitar to life.  I will let you know if your needs are within my skill set and if it can be accomplished.  In order to get an idea of wood types and color combinations feel free to view the guitars on my site.  Read below for important considerations when thinking about a custom guitar.

Options to consider for a custom guitar:

1) Guitar size - Dreadnought, OM, OO

2) Sound you are interested in - Bass, treble, lively, mellow (wood types affect this option)

3) Specific wood type? Color? Figured? Curly? etc.

4) Neck wood and style

5) fretboard wood

6) Side and back wood

7) Soundboard wood

8) Rosette

9) binding wood

10) purfling type and color

11) tuners - type and color

Discuss your concept:

I would be glad to discuss any concept with you but everything is contingent on being able to obtain the wood, trim etc. to make your guitar a reality. I am more than glad to work with you to create your dream guitar and provide input on how it can be constructed to meet your needs. Of course cost is always a factor and fancier exotic and highly figured woods are more expensive. Some purfling types are extremely costly (abalone purfling for example runs about $2 an inch). After we have explored your conept and you want to move forward the following things will happen:

1) I will find and price your wood, trim and other requirements

2) I will provide you with a price to construct your guitar (remember - the fancier the guitar the more pricey they tend to be).

3) I will provide you with a rough time estimate to build your guitar (usually six months)

4) You will advise me if you are interested in moving forward or not

5) If you chose to have me build your guitar you will provide me a 25% deposit

6) This deposit will be applied toward the purchase price but is NOT refundable should you decide not to purchase the guitar.

I look forward to the possibility of helping you create your dream guitar!

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